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  1. Zoom's RISE & FALL: A Security & Privacy Analysis | SR 8.5

    Zoom has been all over the news! Tune in to this 6 part episode covering the following:  1) Zoom Introduction and Company Beginnings 2) All of Zoom's Major Issues 3) Public Response To Zoom Concerns & Real World Effects 4) Zoom Responses and Changes To Scrutiny  5) What Do We Make of This? 6) Using Zoom ...


  2. Surveillance Report 8

    Checkout ProtonMail: Welcome to the Techlore Surveillance Report, a weekly security and privacy news roundup to keep you up to speed on important updates in our digital world. Uploaded every weekend! Techlore Website: Patreon: Bitchute: Techlore Subreddit: Twitter: Discord Server: ...